Wednesday, July 5


Earlier tonight, you could watch one of three reality shows on major networks. Talent contest reality shows, at that.

NBC's "America's Got Talent" suffers greatly due to the Philbin influence - so much so, that even The Hoff cannot save it. Basically it's "The Gong Show" with fewer drunks and more losers. Not great. Remember Brandy? Man, did she fall hard. It took Paula Abdul longer to hit the reality judge circuit.

"So You Think You Can Dance?" on FOX is pretty fun, but only when someone is forced into humiliation . Have you ever seen a ballerina krump? I have, and the mere fact that I was able to write that sentence makes this show worthwhile. An added benefit is that unlike "American Idol," we're lucky enough to never hear from the winners again.

The best of the summer best, however, is "Rock Star: Supernova." I'm expecting this season to be much better than last, because the premise is to find a singer for a new Supergroup (called Supernova!) that already features Tommy Lee, some guy from Guns N' Roses no one cares about, and the neckless one from Metallica. The contestants are going to spend their time trying to impress the band rather than fill the shoes of someone dead and handsome. And oh, the contestants - always wonderful, staying just within the boundaries of Creed-like showmanship. They're the sweetest bunch of hell-raisers this side of JCTV - tribal tattoos are more than welcome here.

Wednesdays are the new Thursdays. Write that down.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are the chances "Supernova" will survive long enough to complete the post-show concert tour?

Ashley, have you ever considered Elimidate?

12:38 AM  

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