Saturday, July 1

“Curiosity, a desire to challenge myself and grow and to see what I’m made of” is what inspired Stacey Estrella, 40, to head to the open call for Project Runway. She quickly adds, “And to meet Tim Gunn!”

Currently a marketing executive at a high-tech company specializing in Corporate Identity and Communications (FoxT), Stacey is a California native now living in San Francisco. She has an impressive educational background holding a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Stanford and a masters in business from Harvard. In addition to 12 years experience in a high tech industry, Stacey has two years of design and pattern-making experience, which she feels give her a fighting chance on Project Runway.

Estrella is her mother’s maiden name, which she began using at the age of 11 to honor her mother’s role in her life. She loves traveling, Spain, the Spanish language, writing journals, reading, Flamenco dancing, and shoes. Life experience, music, literature and nature inspire her designs.

It's not shown here, but in the large group picture on the Bravo website, this 40-year-old lady is wearing a babydoll dress. Minus 5 points for that. However, she immediately gained those points back for being a Tim Gunn obsessive, so I'm not sure how to feel about her. She likes being Spanish. I guess that's cool.

Final Grade - C

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