Thursday, June 29

P.R. Countdown - Day 14

Vincent Libretti, 49, was born and raised in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Now living in Santa Monica, California, he recently cashed out his 401k to restart the self-named design company that he ran in New York during the 80s.

Libretti received his Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and has taken various courses in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Parsons School of Design. His passion is women’s high-end fashion and he is most inspired by the work of Alexander McQueen. Vincent responds to vitality, enjoys truth, love and subtle expression of self. He loves to create in various art forms and feels that his style carries across in all that he does.

When he’s not working on his designs, Vincent is in Santa Monica, staying spiritual, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Hm, I'm not quite sure how to feel about Vincent. On the one hand, he's Jeff Conaway, but on the other hand, he likes to stay spiritual and play guitar. That's not cool. He also cashed out his 401K to seemingly relive his memories of the '80s when he has a wife and daughter to support. Hm.

Final Grade - C

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