Monday, June 26

I Think I Want This

Buzz Ballads

Disc 1
01 Lightning Crashes - Live
02 Champagne Supernova - Oasis
03 If You Could Only See - Tonic
04 Glycerine - Bush
05 Doll Parts - Hole
06 Santeria - Sublime
07 Hemorrhage (In My Hands) - Fuel
08 A Long December - Counting Crows
09 Counting Blue Cars - Dishwalla
10 Linger - Cranberries
11 Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse
12 Runaway Train - Soul Asylum
13 Til I Hear It From You - Gin Blossoms
14 Here's To The Night - Eve 6
15 What Do I Have To Do? - Stabbing Westward
16 Out of My Head - Fastball

Disc 2
01 It's Been Awhile - Staind
02 Jumper - Third Eye Blind
03 Wasting My Time - Default
04 Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon
05 Sex And Candy - Marcy Playground
06 Far Behind - Candlebox
07 Freshmen - The Verve Pipe
08 Take A Picture - Filter
09 What It's Like - Everlast
10 Something's Always Wrong - Toad The Wet Sprocket
11 World I Know - Collective Soul
12 Desperately Wanting - Better Than Ezra
13 Angry Johnny - Poe
14 Save Me - Remy Zero
15 Easy - Faith No More
16 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Tori Amos

Ironically, I said mere hours ago that music compilations hilariously continute to exist as if CD burning were never invented. I don't know exactly which song clip made me turn my head, but I'm pretty sure it was Fastball. They weren't that bad.

Obviously not every track is a winner (Staind, for example), but a perverse part of me can't help but enjoy most of these songs. I like to pretend that I'm not ashamed of having guilty pleasures, but the truth of it is I'm probably just boring, or far too nostalgic for 9th grade.

We all know what happens to Courtney Love, Oasis, and Tori Amos. I can only hope that the fellas from Marcy Playground have nice apartments and girlfriends that love them. Probably not, though. Probably not.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Wow, I thought we'd left that mid-90s era of crap behind, but I guess not.

"I smell sex and can-day, yeahhh." Oh GOD.

10:07 AM  

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