Thursday, June 29

A Scanner Darkly

Robert Downey Jr. has been doing quite a bit of press lately for his new movie, and you know, considering his age and all the drugs, he looks pretty good. I'm impressed.

Too bad I'm not going to see that new movie. I absolutely hated Waking Life. Linklater - just because a process (say, animation) is work-intensive, that doesn't mean it's interesting or clever. It means that I get dizzy and want to throw up.

It seems this new film will have something big and important to say about the war on drugs. Considering everyone and their mother has seen Dazed and Confused, I can't imagine anyone not knowing what kind of message they're going to leave the theatre with.

I pretty much hate people who really love Linklater. They're almost always like That Guy in a philosophy class who has no idea what he's talking about, but adores the idea of sounding smarter than other people. Go listen to Rage Against the Machine and leave me alone.

But yeah, Robert Downey Jr is pretty hot. Well done.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

You are so right on with this one! I fucking hated Waking Life. The best part about it was the tickle fight I had in the theatre with my then boyfriend. I can visualize PHILOSOPHY DUDE in my head sooooo well. GAH.

2:23 PM  

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