Tuesday, June 27

The Girls Next Door

I'm not sure how I've missed this, but there is apparently a show on E! about Hugh Hefner's 3 girlfriends and the adventures they have as a part of the Playboy empire. It's not the best reality show out there (we all know that's "Project Runway"), but it's a pleasant combination of class and trash. Hef makes a few appearances per episode, but the show is really all about the girls being pretty and sweet.

Holly is by far my favorite, there's something about her that reminds me of my mom, probably the really well-done implants.

But not really.

Holly's Likes: "Being Hef's number-one girl, classic movies, designing her own clothing, party planning, dogs, Disneyland and dill pickles."

Hey Holly, I like dill pickles, too! I want us to be BFF, for serious.

Bridget is portrayed as the "smart girl," since she has a masters' degree in communications, and is working towards another in broadcast journalism.

It's a good thing she's smart, too, because as the oldest girlfriend at 31, it's likely her frolicking days at the mansion will soon be coming to a close.

Bridget's Likes: "Pizza; everything horror (including movies, books and Halloween); dressing up in ruffles, polka dots and bows."

Ruffles and polka dots at 31? I sincerely wish you the best, Bridget.

And the last lady we have is Kendra. A girl perhaps a little too eager to please, her age (20) sometimes shows more than it should. Also, Hugh Hefner is a dirty old man.

I have an inkling she may be white trash. I think it's the eyebrows.

Kendra's Likes: "Being a tomboy, watching boxing, the San Diego Chargers, the Philadelphia Eagles, barbecue and Janet Jackson."

Kendra wants to be a sports announcer. I think that's precious.

I'm sure I'll only watch this show when there's nothing else on, but for what it is, it's pretty amusing. The old-school feminist in me wants the girls to come off as exploited and depressed, but the new wave feminist in me is pleased that they're not.

Do men really find yellow hair attractive?

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Anonymous sharon said...

Hugh and I have lots in common.

We both like... soup.

We both like... not talking. We could talk and not talk all day long.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Researchers believe that blonde hair is relatively new in the evolution of humans. It came about to give women an advantage over other women in a time when good men were really hard to come by. So...blonde hair should (technically) be more attractive to men. I mean, think about all of the fake blondes out there.

1:54 PM  

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