Thursday, June 29

Project Runway Countdown

It's better than Christmas and ten times as gay - the return of "Project Runway." Starting July 12, my Wednesday nights will again have meaning as I tune in for bitching, guest judges, bias cuts, faulty sewing machines, and overall fabulousness.

Like a good girl, I'm going to post the bios of all 15 designers (that I'm borrowing from and judge them on a scale of Awesome to Failure based partly on what they have to say about themselves, but mostly what they look like. Lighten up - it's just fashion. I'll do a little more than one a day, and if you're really lucky, I might find time to wax poetic about my undying love for Tim Gunn.

Grading :
A - Awesome
B - Bold
C - Cool
D - Downer
F - Fucking Failure

It's a motherfucking walk-off.

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