Friday, June 30

Bored Already

Star Jones has clearly lost her shit. I've seen two or three interviews with her this week, and in every one she's made it her mission to air as much dirty laundry as possible, and then have the audacity to end the interview with some aside about professional women not acting like children. She apparently doesn't want her firing to turn into a "catfight."

Maybe I'm crazy, but doing all kinds of press telling just one side of a story that no one really cares about is going to make you seem like a total bitch, Star. Not a very classy move. Word is she's developing her own daytime TV show. If it ever makes it on air, it will probably suck. I think she's confused about why people find her life interesting. It's not because they're fans, it's because her life is a hilarious train-wreck, and sick people like me get off on that.

Of course, Barbara Walters isn't getting away with anything. I've heard tell of a time when she was a real-live respected journalist, but I've never seen any example of that. The fact that the word "feud" has been attached to her name is delicious - there is no such thing as integrity anymore.

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