Thursday, June 29

Kayne Gillaspie was born March 14, 1979 in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up in a large family with five sisters and two brothers, Kayne realized at a young age the importance of standing out.

Starting his education with a full scholarship to Volunteer State College, Kayne's career aspirations began in pre-veterinarian medicine. While working at a vet clinic for four and a half years, he also took a design job as a sketch artist at a local pageant boutique in Tennessee. Kayne quickly became enamored with fashion, changed his major and transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

In 2002, Kayne won the Critics Choice Award for evening wear and graduated magna cum laude. He moved back to Nashville after graduation and opened Kayne's Clothing Boutique. This afforded him the opportunity to create custom ballroom dance costumes, eveningwear, and wardrobe for the country music industry.

In 2003, Kayne met his partner Warren and bought Southern Charm, an established formal wear and pageant store in Norman, Oklahoma. Within three years, Kayne's success in the pageant industry soared. In December of 2005, he dressed the entire top five teens and the winner and first runner up in the Miss Oklahoma U.S.A. pageant.

He cites Bob Mackie and Roberto Cavalli as major influences on his work. His gowns encompass originality, attention to detail and a young femininity with an edge.

Ooh, I like Kayne. Gay man moves from the south to the midwest with his boyfriend to open up a pageant store...I mean, if he hangs around long enough to tell his story, that's going to be television gold. God willing, he will have the gay southern accent that makes life worth living. Also, for those not in the know, they left out the word "Community" in Vol State College. Don't be ashamed of your roots, Kayne. Wear them with pride.

Final Grade - B

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Anonymous sharon said...

I don't get that name. I keep reading Kanye.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous jennifer said...

That's funny, Shazalot, because Martin reads Kanye as Kayne all the damn time.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a shame you buy into crap like him. He's a fat criminal bastard who hopefully will rot in hell. You seemed cool until i read this shit about Kayne, he has you fooled, but he couldnt fool the judges, or me.

3:31 AM  

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