Saturday, July 1

Ulrike Herzner, who goes by the name “Uli,” is a 35-year-old German native who currently resides in Miami Beach.

Trained as a physical therapist, Uli eventually decided that she wanted to enter the world of fashion. For the past eight years, this freelance stylist has dreamed of taking part in New York’s Fashion Week and is inspired by nature as well as the innovative designs of Kenzo and Roberto Cavalli. “My parents are my mentors,” Herzner said. “They have stood by me since I began creating my first designs at two and a half years of age and they continue to stand by me as I go for my dreams.”

Oh God, boring. The only reason I'm even bothering to post this is she's probably going to be a dark horse designer. Plucky little German hits the big time - you know Heidi's got her back.

Final Grade - C

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