Sunday, July 2

The Devil Wears Prada

Meet Meryl Streep. She's the only good thing about this film.

Never having read the book, I can't be exactly sure what rubbed me the wrong way. But I can narrow it down.

  • Andie's (Anne Hathaway) false sense of entitlement
  • Her rather chic friends browbeating her for losing touch with her common roots (huh?)
  • Her boyfriend the chef complaining about her late hours
  • The fact that Anna Wintour, oops, Miranda Priestly, isn't really a devil at all, but a successful woman who has worked hard to make her mark in a notoriously competitive industry.

And why on earth is she expected to coddle a sycophant who never has any real respect for what she does? I'm never going to read the book now.

There's a reason you're not a real journalist. You're shallow. But not shallow enough for a fashion magazine.

5/10. Every point earned is for awesome jackets and shoes.

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