Sunday, July 2

P.R. Countdown - Day 11

A Pennsylvania native, Angela Keslar, 33, conducted her first two years of liberal arts education at Carnegie Mellon University’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania campus and Centre de Tours campus in France. She completed her education at Penn State University, graduating with a degree in Integrative Arts, with an emphasis on Costume Design.

Angela has designed and manufactured her own line of clothing since 1999. She is inspired by the design work of John Galliano, Alber Elbaz and Pheobe Philo, but credits her brother - and the possibility of working with Tim Gunn - as the primary motivators in her decision to try out for Project Runway. She enjoys yoga, gourmet cooking, anything Elvis, snorkeling, visiting the elderly, working with children, high bush hiking and caving in southern Belize. She also loves flower and vegetable gardening, mushroom hunting, solitude, laughing, and any activities that extend her limits and annihilate her preconceived notions of possibility.

Angela currently lives on an organic farm in southeastern Ohio with her husband and scores of other wildlife. A glimpse into their self-sufficient lifestyle would show them gardening and preserving their harvest, chopping wood to heat their home, and living entirely off-the-grid with a sophisticated system of solar technology. Angela handcrafts each product in her solar-powered studio to reflect the quality of her work and lifestyle, which is unique, vibrant, visionary.

So basically she's a fucking hippie. And also a liar. No one likes visiting the elderly.

Final Grade - F

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope for a first round elimination. Even her profile bores me.

2:27 PM  

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