Monday, July 3

P.R. Countdown - Day 10

Born in Brooklyn, New York, 34-year-old Keith Michael is a freelance designer currently creating his own line of clothing. His aesthetic of urban sophistication rings a fresh point of view to modern American design. The focus: reinterpreting true cosmopolitan style for a new generation.

Keith draws inspiration from a background in fashion photography. His work has been published in W, Elle, GQ and Blackbook. It was after working alongside top-tier designers that the multi-talented he was motivated to strike out on his own and develop his distinctive and tightly tailored style.

Keith Michael's fashion-forward men’s clothing is already found in exclusive boutiques in Los Angeles and Manhattan and he looks ahead to an expanded modern luxury and lifestyle brand. His clean, unfettered clothes have been winning accolades from buyers and critics alike. Most recently, Sportswear International has nominated him as “Best Newcomer of the Year” and in an article entitled “Genius News,” Andrea Cusick of Nylon Magazine described Keith’s designs as “natural, organic and lovingly hand finished.” Keith currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

I respect and trust the opinion of Nylon magazine. I also find this Keith fellow haughty and attractive. I may be in love.

Final Grade - A

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's pretty darn foxy. but most likely gay. as most designers (fashion) are...oh snap ! but still i'll be salivating. still. ;0

12:18 AM  

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