Tuesday, July 4

P.R. Countdown - Day 9

Born and raised in New Orleans and currently living in Manhattan, Laura Bennett, 42, has come a long way. In the past, Laura was a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. Now the matriarch of a large family, she has never given up on her dream of becoming a great designer.

Laura is not formally trained in clothing construction, but has designed and sewn her own clothes for her entire life. She designs and makes her own fine jewelry and believes the principles of design are universal. According to Laura, “My husband is my design mentor. His level of taste and use of restraint produce an unmatched elegance in all areas of design.” Laura is also inspired by designers such as Vionnet for her innovative construction, and Oscar de la Renta, Valentino and Galliano for their sexy opulence.

Laura received her undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Houston, and received a graduate degree in architecture from Columbia University. An architect for the last 15 years, Laura currently works part-time at her husband’s design firm, Shelton Mindel and Associates, designing product. She spends her spare time researching and studying 19th and 20th century jewelry, and follows international jewelry auctions and museum exhibits. Laura is the mother of five children.

I am also a fan of sexy opulence, Laura - but I do have a few concerns. The focus on your home sewing and children will remind more than a few people of the dread Wendy Pepper, and no one wants to go throught that again. Also, the fact that you have a real job (architect) leads me to believe you will unnecessarily state which buildings influence you during every challenge. Just watch it.

Final Grade - D

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Anonymous jennifer said...

What's wrong with her face?

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