Thursday, July 6

This Is The Part Where I Answer Two Questions!

A comment was left by Anonymous the other day:

"What are the chances "Supernova" will survive long enough to complete the post-show concert tour?

Ashley, have you ever considered Elimidate?"

Chances of Supernova having more than 2 rehersals are slim to none. If anything, they've already got the music ready and the winner will go in and record vocals, so you can buy the offical soundtrack to the hit CBS series "Rock Star: Supernova." It's not a real band anymore than Tommy Lee is a real person.

And have I ever considered "Elimidate?" As in being a contestant or watching and enjoying it? I watch it when I'm got The Insomnia, just because there's nothing else on. A very nice girl in one of my classes a couple of years ago appeared on the show, and told us the day after filming how everyone has set lines to say, usually along the lines of "Yeah, well, at least I'm not a slut," and it took forever and basically sucked. She didn't say how much she was paid, so I'm not sure if I'd do it or not. Probably not. I'm not going to make out with a girl in a tube top to win the faux affections of a guy with a popped collar.

I would, however, appear on "Next!" Oh, those kids today are so sassy!

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