Saturday, July 8

For the Record...

I was able to unironically enjoy "MmmBop" with my 15-year-old sister today. She told me about her adventure of seeing Hanson when she was eight or nine. I don't remember this happening at all, and decided it was terribly unfair.

I can vividly remember when Hanson first came out, I was in 7th grade, and needed a new crush. JTT was old news by this point, and the boys in and around my classroom were lacking the delicious combination of feminine skin and aloof, charming awkwardness that preteen girls love oh-so-much.

Taylor was the brother I chose. He was the lead singer, after all, and there was no doubt of him being the cutest. I bought their album, "Middle of Nowhere," and later invested in a Christmas CD. I had a poster, too, and would read every article in every teen magazine I could find. He was It for at least a year, and then he was gone from my life forever. That's the way crushes work.

I would have certainly been Over It by the time my sister went to the concert, because I was 14 or 15 years old. It's probably the reason I don't remember. Looking back, though, it makes me sad: I wonder what it would have been like to see a former idol. I'm sure I wouldn't have participated in any audience shenanigans (being 14 or 15, far too cool for the likes of that), but would it seem pathetic to see them play to a half-empty amphitheater, or would I smile on the inside and hope he was still pretty up close?

They played at The Ryman a couple of years ago and I came very close to going, but didn't at the last minute for whatever reason. I'm over being cool now, and would love to see them - but only if they played the songs they wrote when they were 13, so it's not likely to ever happen. They're married, and have babies.

Know what, though? Taylor's still totally pretty, and I would invite him to a makeout party.

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Anonymous Rachel said...

so you might not know this, but i was a HUGE CRAZED hanson fan. i mean, i have a trunk FILLED with stuff I collected and exchanged with people around the world. and taylor is still my hanson of choice. he has gotten sexier with age. and if you are ever interested, i have all my hanson stuff saved and waiting for a good look through.

7:14 PM  

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