Thursday, May 29

"Stop the Music/Play the Song/And We'll Dance Together/All Night Long"

Last week, I was given Clay Aiken's On My Way Here so I could hilariously and mercilessly review it. But it is, in a word, unlistenable. I tried, so help me I tried, but I cannot sit and force myself to pay attention to the weak, faux-inspirational meanderings of Mr Aiken. With all due respect.

Instead, here's a story about him becoming a father. Allegedly. That's pretty camp.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Of all new albums to review, why on earth were you given Clay Aiken's? Hilarious. My mom is a huge fan so if you want to send that my way, she'd be thrilled.

That story of him giving the sperm to his sugar momma (so he didn't have to touch her dirty vag - ew!) is hilarious and awesome. He's also older than I remembered so I think he could do the dad thing alright!

9:31 AM  
Blogger Trashley said...

It was more of a joke like, "Ha ha, can you listen to this?" and I was like, "Ha ha, I'll try."

I totally can't listen to it at all.

3:32 PM  

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