Friday, May 23

COMING SOON: The Adventures of Slim & Howdy

"When they met, it was like a head-on collision, though with a lot less blood and glass and hissing radiator steam. It wasn't the sort of thing one could insure against, probably wasn't the sort of thing you'd want to. Like trying to keep life from happening to you. Somewhere between impossible and a bad idea to begin with.

It all starts with a chance meeting on a used car lot in Beaumont, Texas, neither man realizing this is a turning point for both. Before they know it, the two cowboys are sharing a beat-up truck, a life on the road, and a dream of making it in the music business. But Slim and Howdy are the Odd Couple of east Texas - and all points west for that matter. Tall and inscrutable behind his shades, Slim is taciturn, cautious, and keeps everybody at a distance. Howdy's got a wild side about a country mile wide. He talks too much, drives too fast, and lays bets where he shouldn't. Slim's a pragmatist with a taste for fine tequila. Howdy's an idealist, searching for the perfect margarita. So at least they have that in common."

Stay tuned.

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