Monday, April 21

Bam! Don't Care.

So I was asked how I felt about Kristy Lee Cook's "AI" dismissal and it was hard for me to conjure up emotions - that shit happened like, days ago. Granted, I couldn't stand her smirky little face while it was on my TV but now that it's gone, it's almost as if she never happened. That's what's so great about reality television! I can care and not care at the same time!

There are some people who willingly exploit themselves, however, that are always fun to catch up with. For those of you playing along at home, I created a basic GiveAFuckometerâ„¢ to illustrate how important the real life of someone on TV actually is:

As you can see, my general rule is the sadder the person, the more interesting (and entertaining!) the life. "Cops" is the exception because, well, those are mostly poor people.

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