Sunday, March 30

Rejected Diet Pepsi Max Commercials

  • A multicultural group of kids (including wheelchair friend) are playing Nintendo 64 in a lackluster manner before mom brings in Diet Pepsi Max jolts them into a frenzy of sweet 64-bit gaming. "Macarena" plays in the background.
  • Cult members are resignedly lacing up their Nike high-tops, shrugging their shoulders at the arrival of the Hale-Bopp comet. Deciding to chug some sweet Diet Pepsi Max, they change their mind and excitedly jump on their bunk beds with poison and plastic bags in hand. "MMMBop" plays in the background.
  • A questionably-coiffed First Lady is nervous about being questioned by the grand jury. To pep herself up, she downs a Diet Pepsi Max and stomps assuredly to the microphone. "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" plays in the background.
  • A lonesome, grizzled man enters his shack and struggles with whether or not to turn on the television. Deciding to take a life-affirming sip of Diet Pepsi Max instead, he jumps up and gets to work on his letter bombs. "Spice Up Your Life" plays in the background.

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