Tuesday, March 25

Reaching the Coveted "People Who Already Know This" Demographic

"Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound" by De Novo Dahl is a good album to buy if you like synesthesia, pretending your life is lived in fast-forward like a silent film, or having sex with attractive people. The album is out today and can be purchased in such fine places as 'stores' and 'the internet.'

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Heh. I did not know that. They were going to play a headlining show here this week, then it got cancelled, then it got rescheduled I think for April but they are opening for some shit band or singer-songwriter. I can't remember who.

2:16 PM  
Blogger shazrazzamatazz said...

I'll buy it even though it won't be signed. :(

6:53 AM  

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