Thursday, July 13

"Little Man"

I want to apologize for being so caught up in "Project Runway" countdown fever - I completely forgot that Little Man opens tomorrow!

Judging from the commercials, the premise is some kind of Wayans is a little person/diamond thief who must retrieve said diamond from the clutches of unsuspecting (you can tell he's unsuspecting by the shrugged shoulders) other Wayans who thinks he's watching a baby! Hilarity never fully ensues. I expect to find about 15,000 new atheists come Monday morning.

I don't understand Hollywood at all. Can no one see that this will fail? Surely this takes uselessness to a new level - and this is coming from a lady who thought Undercover Brother was kind of clever.

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Blogger Michael said...

You can see the concept is flawed from the start, I can see the concept is flawed from the start.

What Hollywood sees is lots of teenagers who will come to see this movie if they make and it gets a PG-13 rating.

Hollywood is controlled by what they think 13 year old kids want to see...

And it shows.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Mercurius said...

You just don't get it. This is a family movie for black people. See, we like watching crazy brothers coping with babies cause too many of us run away from our parental responsibilities. Black men can relate to the crazy dude. Black women relate to the need to find a good man. Black kids relate to the need for a father figure. There is a huge audience for this stuff.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the simple fact that this is made by the same guys that brought us "White Chicks" speaks volumes about this films potential (or lack thereof.)

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

It will make lots of money off of the high school and dumbass demographics.

12:38 PM  

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