Tuesday, July 11

P.R. Countdown - Day One!

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Malan, 32, traveled the globe as a child, living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, California, Hawaii, Utah, Georgia and elsewhere. Named as one of 12 new designers to watch for on the New York runway by Women’s Wear Daily in February 2005, Malan has been designing since the age of 11. Inspired by a friend, one of America's foremost couturiers, he decided to create his own line drawing on the vast influences and experiences of his life.

Malan has also been a part of the entertainment industry since an early age, learning his craft from costume mistresses along the way. He has appeared in theatre, film, and television, worked as a professional model and has danced with Paula Abdul and others. His voiceover work can be heard on ESPN and ABC. Malan will soon be art directing and directing a series of thirteen short films to be released in 2008, as well a CD of jazz standards and original music.

A self-trained designer, Malan’s influences stem from Asia, Australia, Europe, and Hollywood. He has designed wardrobes for Megu restaurant and has a growing clientele with a strong visual esthetic. He is inspired by Arnold Scaasi, Adrian, and Alexander McQueen, among others. Malan currently resides in Long Island City, New York.

I promised myself at the beginning that I would only judge the designers on their P.R. website bio and photo, but I can't help but make some kind of mention of Malan's (aka Tim Curry) voice in the commercials on Bravo. Maybe his parents were British or South African or something - I don't know. This guy has the craziest accent I've ever heard: I have no clue what voiceover work he could have possibly done for ESPN. The fashion of the NFL? Search me.

So what about Tim Curry, the person? I think I have a slight problem with the film directing and music writing in additon to the fashion designing. I know that some people are just hyper-creative, and there are true talents out there. Most people, however, are just fame whores. I can't be an actress? I'll be a pop singer. I can't be a pop singer? I'll start taking pictures. It's like, get a real job. Maybe he should talk to Laura.

I don't see why they had to spell aesthetic with just an "E." I don't like it, but I don't fault Tim Curry.

Final Grade - C

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim Curry was sexy as hell in "Legend".

2:28 PM  

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