Monday, July 10

P.R. Countdown - Day Two!

Bonnie Dominquez, 31, grew up outside of Philadelphia, in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. She is the second of five children in a self-described quirky American family, complete with many a family photo album of National Lampoon-like family vacations throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. She says, “My father refused to buy a new car until we were all out of the house. So, all of our vacations were spent in what was the Dodge Van equivalent of the Mir space station.”

While in high school, Bonnie was given scholarships to study at Moore College of Art and Design as well as Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. She was trained in apparel, footwear and accessories design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After college, she became an apparel designer for Nike and later moved on to PUMA, working on women's footwear and apparel. While at PUMA, she lived in a variety of locales, including Los Angeles, Nuremburg, Germany and Boston. Bonnie currently heads up women's design for Reef footwear in San Diego.

According to Bonnie, one of her main sources of inspiration is her husband. She says, “Alex is one of the most talented graphic designers I know, and is the one of the best DJs to ever come out of the UK. He shares my love of being a modern day gypsy and living all over the world.”

So Bonnie, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume that's a terrible picture - otherwise, way to be every chubby Christian girl I went to high school with. Yikes. You're talking way too much about your family. Your childhood bores me, and your husband bores me even more. If he were that great of a DJ, he wouldn't be a graphic designer, would he? I really hate it when people go on reality TV shows and talk about their spouses or their children - it's just like when annoying people at work do that, only worse, because this is supposed to be my entertainment. Shouldn't you be crying or cutting yourself or something? I'm sensing a first-episode booting based on this mess.

Final Grade - D

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