Wednesday, July 12

He Was Also in "Ghost World"

So VH1 has got this game show/contest thing going on now called "World Series of Pop Culture." I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Conflicted, to say the least.

My initial thought is - "Hey Trashley - this is right up your alley! A $250,000 prize for knowing Norman Lear spin-offs and Duran Duran lyrics! Who couldn't love such a thing?" Well, I don't like the way it's set up - with teams. Not that I would have any trouble finding two friends as useless as I am, it's the fact that the people who are on the show act like fucking morons. Clearly these people just want to be on television and make attempts at ironic humor, wearing matching t-shirts and whatnot. They have no respect for the pop culture they claim to know so much about. This offends me.

Example - there was a question last night about Brad Renfro. Neither contestant knew the answer - in fact, I don't think either one of them knew who he was. I don't think of him as the drug addict that attempted to steal a yacht (which is naturally what the question was about): I think of him as the young actor in films like Tom & Huck, The Client, and Sleepers. Sleepers! That movie's only 10 years old, guys - not that long ago. It's not like he's even an obscure actor, but you could clearly tell by the look on the contestants' faces they had no idea who he was. Bullshit.

My other main problem with the show? The questions seem so easy. I genuinely can't imagine anyone I know being stumped on one of them. It's possible I need new friends, of course - but not likely. Hopefully the questions will get more difficult as the show goes on - I'll keep watching, if for no other reason than to brush up. Dominating Trivial Pursuit is pretty much my only life skill.

Oh, by the way, the teams are not doing well with their names. We're What Willis Was Talking About is an honest-to-god team name. I may be a loser, but at least I'm not trying too hard to be one.

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Anonymous James of England said...

There are a couple of excellent and very relevant team names going on:

"I *heart* Jake Ryan"


"Sexual Chocolate"

Both very relevant, both very pop culture-ish.

Best team so far? "Almost Perfect Strangers"

10:35 AM  

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