Monday, March 19


I don't think it's any big secret the United States and Mexico kind of hate each other. And we hate Venezuela. And Cuba. And Canada. I'm willing to bet Brazil has major issues with Peru, and so on and so on. The Americas hate one another - so do the Europes. However, while we're busy digging canals, importing/exporting drugs, or doing whatever it is embargoes do, those crafty Europeans have been fighting out their differences in a different way - the Eurovision way.

If you're not familiar, the gist of it is every year, each European country selects a musical act to represent them in the Eurovision competition, and the program is broadcast throughout the continent and voted on over the phone by viewers at home: it's kind of like "American Idol," but infinitely more gay.

How gay, you ask? Here's the UK entry for 2007.

Anyway, one group/country is declared the winner and receives...I don't know, pride, I guess? I'm pretty sure there are no actual prizes or dignity available, but it's still a brilliant concept this hemisphere should steal; my bet is Canada would enter something Québécois.

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Blogger ian said...

I often think about how an AmeriVision song contest would work. It might be better if it was internal to the USA, as otherwise someone from Latin America would always win and Bush would invade Brazil in pique. But that would miss the fun of two language scoring.

I have been having heated conversations lately on the Eurovision. There are a wide range of views on the subject, including i) it is brilliant ii) it is so shit it's brilliant iii) it is just shit, and every permutation thereof. All opinions other than mine on the matter are NULL AND VOID.

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