Monday, February 19

Dear McDonalds,

Commercial catchphrases are rare beasts, like panda bears or attractive red-headed men. The best catchphrases are the kind that you don't have to think about, like "Bud-weis-er" or "Whassup?!?" See? Simple, to the point. Not too many words or syllables to deal with. So, it's with a heavy heart I say: "Looks like somebody forgot snacktime!" is never going to make it into the pop-culture lexicon. VH1 will never devote a 2-minute segment to it, the words will not grace the pages of "Us Weekly" under a picture of a too-skinny Keira Knightly, and hell, even Michael Scott won't make a wry post-ironic throwaway gag with it in "The Office." It's straight-up retarded, and that chicken wrap looks like nasty leftovers, anyway.




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