Wednesday, February 14

Trashley's Valentines! Jennifer Tilly!

Jennifer Tilly doesn't receive nearly the amount of respect she deserves. In addition to being a total bombshell born in the 1950s, she's the only Academy Award nominee I can think of who can out-trash Gina Gershon - and that bitch was in Showgirls.

Trash is not a pejorative, of course. Trash means embracing the camp and taking no prisoners. Trash is Bound. Trash is Bride of Chucky. Trash is making cheesy adult films and simultaneously having a successful career doing voiceovers for children's movies. Trash is deciding you're rich enough and really enjoy poker, so, fuck it, you're going to lay off acting and play semi-professionally.

Jennifer will always have my love and be my Valentine, because I respect who she is, what she does, and her beautiful, beautiful breasts.

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