Monday, February 12

What Else I'm Watching

I can only make so much time for Stop Everything Televison: I've allowed myself "House," "Lost," most of "American Idol," and healthy doses of "Dr. Phil" (to keep the judgement senses tingling!) as the shows I can't miss for 2007. Of course, there are plenty of shows I enjoy and won't make the time for, and yet others I absolutely hate and will use as mere background noise. Here's a mini-review of the lesser crap I've enjoyed recently.

The Real Housewives of Orange County: Oh Lord, we get it. Really really rich people are shallow and dumb. They don't deserve the things they've been given (by their husbands) or my respect. Of course, I'll watch it. Profoundly sad people make me laugh. And speaking of the profoundly sad...

Lockup/Lockdown/Prison Sucks: I don't actually know the name of this show, but it's some sort of prison expose/reality type of show where MSNBC profiles different prisons and prisoners, and how sometimes criminals are crazy motherfuckers who need to be kept in cages, while others are sometimes genuinely nice people who seem to have made some really bad (usually drug-related) decisions.

How It's Made: Toilet paper is complicated! Here's how my love for these kinds of programs began:

You know! For kids!

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