Thursday, February 8

But What's the Spinal Surgery a Metaphor For?

So, "Lost" came back last night, and I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I was going to be. Some distance from the first six episodes allowed me to see how crappy they were, and I now have semi-high hopes about the show once again.

There are some spoiler-y things below, so don't read it if you haven't seen it. Loser.

Okay, I don't actually have THAT much to say other than I don't know how I feel about a TV show refrencing both A Clockwork Orange and Mean Girls in the same episode: Kubrick and Lohan, together at last. Is the ugly boyfriend going to get sick everytime he listens to shitty music now? Stay away from Charlie, dude!

I also don't give that much of a damn about The Others, and am totally ready for the show to put its focus back on the original islanders. I think they may have gotten too out-of-control with all their mysteries and are scrambling to find a way to tie them all togehter again. Oh, they were doing research on fertility? I could have told you that shit when they kidnapped Claire two years ago.

Anyway. Hot Desmond next week, and hopefully some Sayid. Jack's not dead yet, though yet another totally unimporant character is.

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