Wednesday, March 14

Since U Been Gone

I decided to give myself a little blogging hiatus to focus on sleep, school, and not going blind. I've barely kept up with any sort of Trash news, and it looks like I haven't missed much. I blame one person:

Anna Nicole Smith.

I didn't give a damn about her when she was alive, and I care even less about her now that she's dead. I don't care who the father of her sad little baby is, I don't care who gets her hard-earned gold digger cash, I don't care how gross her body was before it was buried, I don't care what kind of drugs she was using, and I don't care how many laws she was breaking in however many countries. I don't care about her mother, dead son, lawyer, ex-husband, dead husband, ex-boyfriend, former personal assistant, Bobby fucking Trendy, or the random Bahamian lady who is caring for current headline and future trainwreck Dannielynnenneen.

It's all there is to read about. It's all those who are being paid to blog blog about. CNN Headline News, Fox News, MSNBC, Court TV, Us Weekly, People, Star, and so on and so forth into infinity forever. I was, am, and will continue to be burned out on the topic.

It's weird enough more attention is being paid to dead Anna than still-living Britney (who also bores the hell out of me nowadays) or Kate or Lindsey or whatever. It's almost like I don't 'care' anymore.

And if all that's not enough: "American Idol" is boring this season. "Top Design" proved to be a bust. "Lost" is wavering between superb and terrible. Hence my hiatus. I needed a break from thinking about Anna Nicole taking over my precious Trash and my television abandoning me for solid mediocrity (except you, "House." Luv.) before I'm overwhelmed by the sheer inanity of it all and I start to care about, like, the environment or something.

So. I'm going to give it a go again. I'm going to attempt to write more and quip less, and hopefully comment on awesomeness from years gone by; years ago when Anna Nicole Smith was still Vicki Lynn Whoever.



Blogger Sam Smith said...

I miss your blog but I can't blame you. American Idol is so... so... so bad this season, especially compared to last.

10:53 PM  

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