Tuesday, December 5

Say You'll Be There

Eddie Murphy may or may not be the father of Mel B's (Spice Girls) fetus. It looks like he wants a paternity test, and unless those two take this shit to Maury Povich (or to his UK equivalent, Jeremy Kyle), I am. not. interested. As far as Eddie Murphy is concerned, I'm pretty sure no one has cared about him since 1987, and Mel B is one of the least-screwed-up former Spice Girls tripping around the globe. I hope the baby is his. And I hope it has a learning disability - that way they'll have to work together to raise awareness of Dumb Baby Syndrome and there will tons of awesome PSAs on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Don't call it a comeback! Eddie's coming back cos he sings and dances in that new film "Dreamgirls."

3:42 PM  

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