Tuesday, December 5

Pete Doherty

Once again, he's not going to jail. When you think about it, Pete Doherty is kind of like the Keith Ricards of the aughts. He's an ugly, young, skinny junkie who dates models and will never suffer any consequences for his actions, unless you count "massive wealth" and "free drugs and girls" as consequences.

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Anonymous jt said...

he looks like an incredibly ill helena bonham carter in that picture.


2:29 PM  
Anonymous jennifer said...

^ Heh! ^ Also, what ARE those things under his eyes in the photo in the linked story? Bags, black eyes, or maggots?

I also like this bit of, oh I don't know the word for it. The way it rolls of your tongue: "...is an upstanding sort of chappie...This continual evasion of chokey..."

3:39 PM  

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