Monday, November 27

Things I Missed

Two weeks is a long, long time to be gone from the World of Trash. Here's some already-old news I missed hilariously commenting on:
  • The end of Reese and Ryan (Philaspoon?)
  • Kramer is a racist and possibly a Freemason
  • Britney and Paris are friends again
  • Tom and Katie are married in Italy, though not really married because I'm pretty sure Italy (and Trashley) doesn't count Scientology as a religion; Oprah not invited
  • Millions of idiots watched a football guy beat A.C. Slater on "Dancing With The Stars"
  • Casino Royale rules me - and the Queen!
  • And speaking of royals - Prince Harry slowly becoming hotter than Prince William
  • Kelly Ripa faux-"outs" Clay Aiken and Rosie is pissed? I'm not quite sure, but I do know I loathe Kelly Ripa and her clownface.
  • There is no Britney/Kevin sex tape - a nation mourns
  • Robert Altman dies - Lindsay Lohan kind of bummed
  • O.J. Simpson still a murderer

How busy we've been! Did I miss anything?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

no Britney / Kevin Sex tape?

(A.) How did I miss this?


(B.) How is the worlds biggest nothing going to make a living?

10:52 AM  

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