Monday, November 13

Trashley Responds to Criticism!

So it's almost 7 am, and I check my e-mail to find the following comment posted on an entry I wrote months ago:

Its a shame you buy into crap like him. He's a fat criminal bastard who hopefully will rot in hell. You seemed cool until i read this shit about Kayne, he has you fooled, but he couldnt fool the judges, or me.

Goodness. After doing a simple bit of sleuthing, I find that this reader left the comment around 3 in the morning, is relatively close to where Kayne (and I) grew up, and found my blog after doing a Google search for it.

Clearly, and I mean clearly, this is a bitter ex. Know why? I don't see the word "fag" anywhere, that's why. Anyone who spends their time looking up blog writings about a local-ish reality TV contestant whose actual television appearances ended a month or two prior has got to be bitter about something. Considering the hatred in the the comment and the location, all I have to say is this:

1. I am cool. Cooler than everyone and
2. Please return and share your Kayne stories with the world. So much hate can only come from former love.

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