Thursday, June 7

Is This Like, a Plague?

Made of Trash typically ignores the political goings-on of the world at large because 1. it's not trashy enough and 2. you'll probably agree with my analysis and that's boring. BUT - last night I was watching teh newz and saw South Dakota has been suffering from a major drought that's killing livestock and allowing prairie dogs to overrun what little grazing land is left. To manage this problem, officials want to poison the cute little furry mammals so the cows can get back to eating grass.

Wait a second, isn't South Dakota the state that passed that crazy abortion ban a while back? Yes, yes it is. Isn't it primarily the view of religious conservatives that life begins at conception so abortion MUST BE murder? Yes, yes it is. So. Don't religious conservatives also believe all the wonders of the universe (including pregnancy) are created by God - except droughts, I guess. I mean, we all know God's too busy running awards shows to check the weather nowadays.

So if something (typically believed to be) caused by God is inconvenient to farmers, the solution is to kill it. Hypoctites!



Blogger ian said...

That cute little fellow looks like he is saying "Just try poisoning me, assbaker".

3:12 PM  

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