Tuesday, May 29

They Will Never Love You

The other day I accidentally found my television transmitting the show "Still Standing" which is about a fat schlub married to a hot wife, as far as I can tell. It's one of my greatest TV peeves - the bland sitcom about an impossible marriage.

Don't mistake me, lovely women fall in love with average-looking guys all the time. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they have money, and sometimes good old-fashioned romance saves the day. But these TV husbands are not funny, wealthy, or romantic: they are the poorly-veiled sitcom writers themselves. The men (and almost all of them are) who never got the girl who are now trying to live vicariously through their shittily-produced craft. Even the sitcoms that star or are written by women perpetuate this bizarre double-standard. The women are usually single and sassy, and trying to deal with the world of dating/divorce as best they can. Even if they are wives, who are they married to? John Goodman. Bill Cosby if you're lucky.

You know who I blame it on? "The Honeymooners." Once again, the 1950s have ruined everything for everyone, everywhere. Or at least ruined it for me.



Anonymous jennifer said...

Haha! I run into this bollocks on my days off too. This sitcom runs into that horrible one featuring Jennie Garth and Amanda Bynes. What station PAYS to rerun this shit?!?

While all your points made are bothersome to me as well, what REALLY bothers me is that they stole that guy from the success of "The Fully Monty," made him be a gormless idiot lacking in humor AND made him do a terrible unidentifiable American accent. For shame.

2:43 PM  

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