Wednesday, April 18


Marilyn Manson recently took some time off from causing yet more school shootings to date a teenager. They're the perfect couple, really. His lyrics certainly indicate the emotional maturity of a teenager:

We'll be the worms in your apple pie
Fake abuse for our bios
Blacken our own eyes
The grass isn't greener on the other side
We set it on fire
And we have no reason why

That's a sample from (appropriately) "The Bright Young Things," a song from an album released in 2003. When he was 34 years old. He's trite, pointless, and sees himself as the tragic poet of a generation. He's kind of like Jim Morrison for a new millennium, if Jim Morrison had been really really ugly.

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Anonymous Wood said...

The scariest thing is just how ugly Manson looks like without that makeup.

1:30 AM  

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