Wednesday, April 4

Perfection is Preparing to Descend

The Best People in the World, Jordan and Peter, have sold their reality show in America. You heard right, friends: Britain's favorite Trashbags will be airing their lives and loves on the E! network at the end of this month.

If you're not aware of the joy and wonder that is Jordan and Peter: she's a cheesecake model with really large breasts, and he's a former pop singer, I think. I don't actually know. They're sort of famous for being famous, but in a great trashy Federline way. I'm also pretty sure they have a handicapped baby. Anyway, they walk all over Posh and Becks any day of the week in my book, and in honor of the THOUSANDS of dollars that will go from us to them to Burberry, I present to you (again) "A Whole New World."

I'm so happy! And excited! Today is like Christmas for me, all these trashy Brits are kicking my ass.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Oh my god! Fuck, I really need cable. Only the work gym gets the E! network.

How the hell are we (generally, Americans) supposed to care/know about them, though, when they've not released a single thing (nudie photo, song, book) here?

3:52 PM  

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