Wednesday, March 28

Friday Quiz - 30 March

Pass it along to your work buddies. Don't double-check guesses online. Find the answers in the comments.

1. Which TV show was not originally based on a British series: Three's Company, Sanford and Son, or Charlie's Angels?
2. Name one of the original five MTV VJs.
3. Finish the lyric: "They were four men living all together..."
4. David Brent was the boss at Wernham-Hogg. Who's in charge at Dunder-Mifflin?
5. What is the first name of Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon?
6. Who is the lead singer of The Cure?
7. Who is Robert Cummings better known as?
8. Who was the lead singer of Boomtown Rats?
9. Robert Moog is best known as the inventor of what kind of musical instrument?
10. Kevin Spacey played which '50s teen idol in Beyond the Sea?
11. The character Indiana Jones was originally meant to be played by which actor?
12. Keanu Reeves: Ted "Theodore" Logan or Bill S. Preson, Esq.?
13. Which film has Flea not appeared in: The Big Lebowski, Benny and Joon, or Back to the Future II?
14. The 1977 film Star Wars was later given what subtitle?
15. Which original movie is not based on a play: Amadeus, Cabaret, or Hairspray?
16. What is the name of Ronald McDonald's giant purple friend?
17. Veterans Day was originally called what?
18. The tortoise and the hare, the wolf in sheep's clothing, and the ant and the grasshopper are all fables attributed to which ancient Greek?
19. What year saw the death of Queen Victoria and William McKinley: 1895, 1901, or 1905?
20. Which superhero is a Marvel character: Batman, Superman, or Spiderman?



Blogger Trashley said...

1. Charlie's Angels
2. Nina Blackwook; Mark Goodman; Alan Hunter; J.J. Jackson, Martha Quinn;
3. ...Yet they were all alone.
4. Michael Scott
5. Apu
6. Robert Smith
7. Rob Zombie
8. Bob Geldof
9. Synthesizer
10. Bobby Darin
11. Tom Selleck
12. Ted "Theodore" Logan
13. Benny & Joon
14. A New Hope
15. Hairspray - there is currently a musical on Broadway, and a remake of the oringial film is in production.
16. Grimace
17. Armistice Day
18. Aesop
19. 1901
20. Spiderman

2:35 AM  

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