Wednesday, March 28

Did You Know...

...there are currently seven (7!) British television shows in development for the U.S. in the coming year or so? This here is one of the best-written articles about television I've ever encountered, and while I'm not familiar with "The IT Crowd" or "Viva Blackpool," I can indeed vouch for the validity of the rest of author's predictions. I doubt, however, any of them will work. And truly, until someone decides to put "The Jeremy Kyle Show" into syndication over here, I'm not going to hold my breath for a quality cross-Atlantic translation.

Just subscribe to BBC America. I mean, except for the "Benny Hill" and "Are You Being Served?" marathons, it's a pretty solid network. You'll recognize almost every one of the daytime shows, because TLC decided to take each premise and make it crappier.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Thanks for that article! Very interesting. I really wish we could get BBC America. I mean, we could, but $$$, and no time to watch TV to merit the extra dough, plus my TV is the size of a crackerbox.

3:28 PM  

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