Tuesday, December 19

Greatest Thing Ever!

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I were Victoria Beckham. Self-hatred/adoration, a desperate desire for fame, a pinch of talent and a fistful of crazy make up this woman's psyche, and I think it would be great to live like that for a day.

But then, oh, then I read about the possibility of her starring in a Scientology film produced by Tom Cruise. Who wouldn't want to spend six months of their life attempting to method-act their way through a role as a thetan alien bride?

I swear, if this ends up as Spice World meets Battlefield Earth, the world may be sucked in a black hole of camp. And I would be cool with that.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Oh my god. Wasn't there a scientology film out earlier this year? Or what am I thinking of. She is crazy nutz. It'll be funny to start seeing her appear in US gossip mags once they move over here.

10:54 AM  

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