Monday, December 18

Little Things

So what does a Trashy American girl do while in London, one of the most diverse and important cities in the world?

Watch daytime television.

I just finished up my first episode of "Project Catwalk," which is "Project Runway" for the Brits. It's the little differences that make it worthwhile, really. Elizabeth Hurley hosts rather than Hedi Klum, they play music by Chemical Brothers when the clothes are presented, and there are gratuitous model nipple shots pretty much nonstop. There's too much voice over for my liking, but the designers seem okay for the most part.

I can never love this version as much as the one back home, of course. They have no Tim Gunn.

Coming Soon:
The man, the myth, the legend, my favorite talk show host ever, Mr Jeremy Kyle. You have no idea how good it is. He's got the self-righteousness of Oprah with Maury Povich-caliber guests, so it's pretty much the train wreck television viewers need and deserve.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Yay, Jeremy Kyle updates! I remember Martin looked for a DVD for me, but I don't think he found it.

11:00 AM  

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