Wednesday, December 13

Breaking: Princess Diana Still Dead

The Princes William and Harry are throwing a great big concert in honour of their mum, which I suppose is nice, but I'm a tad bit confused over the lineup:

Pharrell Williams
Joss Stone
Elton John
Duran Duran
Bryan Ferry

Okay, the Elton John thing makes sense because of "Candle in the Wind," but Pharrell and Joss Stone? I think the boys just want to meet their favorite celebrities. And what about the last two, Duran Duran and Bryan Ferry? Is that what Diana used to listen to? Jesus, I hope so. Anyway, the tickets are all sold out, so you can't go unless you get the NSA to tap the Princes' phones and find out where the afterparty will be held.

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Anonymous Wood said...

No, really: Princess Di loved Duran Duran and Brian Ferry. That was what she was into.

2:43 AM  

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