Saturday, December 9

What the Hells?

I need a bit of TV in the background to put me to sleep, and last night I made the mistake of putting it on MTV. "Cribs," I show I love in theory, was on, and Carlos Mencia was showing me around his house. Rather than drift off to dreamland, I started to intently listen to what he was saying, and then I began to get very, very angry. He has motorcycles with dragons and hydrolics. He has an in-home theatre, and a gorgeous pool. The kitchens in huge houses are always nice, too. All of this, as far as I can tell, for being an unfunny motherfucker and saying "beaner" 20 times per episode.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay...sooo...carlos is hilarious. favorite.ever. i WILL however admit he's gotten to where he tries to hard in the newer seasons...but...the comedy specials, and season one of mind of mencia...hillarious. i mean, you must not have see the episode where he was discussing why britney spears should not have another baby...about D students not reproducing with F students...funny, funny man.

10:49 PM  

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