Wednesday, July 19

Miss Universe

Aw, I'm glad Kayne won this challenge. His little gay pageant heart deserved it...and I do feel a little bit of Tennessee solidarity. Way to go, boy. The dress totally works for Miss Universe, too.

Speaking of Miss Universe, I wish I had been her during that 2-minute Keith dress pitch. He felt her up, kept talking about how sexy her legs were, and was positively leering at her. He was penetrating her with his eyes. And I had to retype "eyes" twice because I kept spelling "yes."

As far as the Auf, I cannot believe Malan Braton (from Taiwan) is gone! On the second episode! Angela was scary and passive-aggressive, and just not nearly as interesting. Malan is the epitome of self-absorption and melodrama. I think I'll miss him.


Anonymous Sara said...

Yeah! Right! WTF!

I knew they were kicking him off though, because we've seen everyone else in previews for upcoming episodes. "Take your macaroni bullshit and go!"

9:54 PM  
Anonymous alexis said...

i really got sad about malan there at the end. oh well, angela is a bitch and boring. shes the real loser.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday's episode was full of sassiness! Shame about Malan, but still, it was one of the best episodes ever.

I loved when baskethead called Angela "Andrea".

6:24 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

I was sad to see him go, but he screwed himself over. He was so good in the auditions (in a Santino meets Tim Curry, dramatic sort of way), then when he got on the actual show he was a, gasp, sweet guy. If he had played up his pompousness more, he'd have been in the Final 3. Jay said it best in the "Road To The Runway" pre-show..."Don't play to the other players [or judges], play to the production."


9:30 AM  

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