Wednesday, July 19

Wednesday Morning

You can go to Bravo and buy stuff from the current Project Runway designers...there are auctions for the clothes they make on the show, and there's a section to buy t-shirts the contestants have made (um, nice "design" there, Bonnie).

There's also a section where you can buy crap that the designers like, mostly books and movies. You can learn a lot about a person by what they enjoy. Here are a few highlights.

1. Malan Breton (from Taiwan) likes Green Day, so I now believe he is 15 years old.

2. Robert Best suggests EVERYTHING by Jane Austen, which is all kinds of awesome.

3. Svelte New York supermom Laura Bennett listens to Brooks & Dunn and The Eagles, so I'm automatically better than her, even if I do sometimes wear sweatpants. Bitch.

4. Keith likes David Sedaris! I like David Sedaris! Clearly...clearly this is some kind of sign. After we've been together a few times, maybe it would be cool if I were allowed to hang out in bed for a while and read with him. I promise I'd turn the pages very quietly! I could also go fix him a drink, if he wants. Eventually he'd glace over at me and nod, indicating not approval, but need for the lighter on the nightable next to me for his cigarette. I would light it for him, and he would thank me. It would be better than love.


Anonymous Sara said...

So, did I tell you I discovered this blog by googling Project Runway news?! I guess I didn't! OMG! I'm so happy I found you! This is the best blog. Thank you for keeping me up to date!

10:49 AM  
Blogger Trashley said...

Awesome, thanks! I have a fan! And it's someone who doesn't even HAVE to like me!

1:58 PM  

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