Tuesday, July 18

Stop Doing This Shit

There are many reasons for me to dislike George W. Bush, and they are varied. In fact, they range from basic disagreements on human rights and foreign policy based on my own moral compass, to my belief that the English language is a beautiful thing, and should be used thoughtfully.

I think he's a lot of things, but I never thought of him as a sexual harasser.

The woman on the recieving end of the shoulder massage is Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany. She's a pretty important lady doing pretty important world business, and Our President, for whatever reason, finds it appropriate to give her a back rub.


You know, even if we ignore the issues of gender and respect, it's just a horribly unprofessional thing to do! Is Putin going to give Tony Blair a playful kiss on the tummy when they're hanging out? No.

She's clearly surprised and embarassed, just like I was when I read about this. I'd rather be in Lebanon than at the G8 summit right now, for serious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is hilarious, but I have a few thoughts:

Maybe he has more sinister motives. Perhaps he's planting a microphone on her collar.

I'm not up on German politics, but isn't she a conversative and a Bush supporter? Maybe complimentary backrubs were part of the deal?

Do you think this was Bush's technique for picking up chicks back in his glory days at H.U.? He was a cheerleader, you know.

And these are the leaders of the free world. Surely they must have assistants and massage therapists on staff to do this.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous sharon said...

Aww, Germans deserve back rubs too.

3:07 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Once W is out of office, I would love to see a film spoofing his entire presidency. Starring Will Ferrell. A serious movie would not do it justice.

3:05 PM  

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