Tuesday, July 18

I Want a Cherry Coke

Darren Hayes, former singer of Savage Garden, recently got gay married in Britain.

From the linked article:
Hayes had not previously come out publicly, and gay publications in Australia had pondered the question of his sexual orientation as recently as May.

May? Not say, 1997? I mean, they named the group after reading Anne Rice. Pretty gay. Also: see attached picture. Just saying.

Nevertheless, I wish Darren and his top the very best. While indifferent to Australians, I love the gay marriage, and was a big 'ol Savage Garden fan during my junior high years. Their first record was the jam, and you know they still play "Truly Madly Deeply" at gymnasium proms.


Anonymous jennifer said...

I always thought he and his bandmate were a couple or would make a great couple because they were both so glittery. Man, that first song of their's (chick-a-cherry cola) was TERRIBLE.

8:58 AM  

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