Monday, July 24

It's All A Dream

I've seriously started to wonder about the movie version of "Dallas," especially now that Scarlett Johansson is allegedly involved. Can she do comedy? That's how I've always envisioned it, much like The Brady Bunch Movie or The Addams Family, both of which were actually kind of good. I hope they don't try and turn it into a drama à la theconvolutedd Mission Impossible or the unnecessary Miami Vice, which I won't even bother to see.

I have no actual memories of "Dallas," though I am familiar with the whole "Who Shot J.R.?" premise because that's the kind of shit that's important to me for whatever reason. At this point, ofcoursee, as long as there's no Paris Hilton threat, I might think about seeing it, maybe. On cable.

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Blogger Michael said...

Oh sure they all think that Dallas cliffhanger was the best..but come on, did you see that one for ST:TNG season three with Picard as a Borg and Riker says, "Mr. Worf, fire!"

I cannot imagine that Dallas cliffhanger being any more intense or causing more speculation than that one did...

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Jon said...

I don't think Ashley did see that....

8:44 AM  

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